Chattanooga, TN

Visiting Tennessee

The fourth largest city in Tennessee, Chattanooga is home to an estimated population of 180,000. Along the Tennessee River, overlooked by Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga boast a variety of beautiful views.

With my girlfriend coming into town, we decided to get away for a weekend. We wanted a place that was close, adventure filled, and alive. Chattanooga “Chatty” was what we agreed on.

Leaving on a Friday morning, it was an easy three hour drive from Athens, GA. Our first stop: The Chattanooga Zoo. The zoo was quiet, exciting, and worth the entry fee. There was multiple exhibits, playful animals, and capybaras (my girlfriend’s favorite animal).

From there, we visited the Chattanooga Aquarium. Their aquarium was packed and had two separate buildings, one for freshwater and one for saltwater. There was many different species, a lot to see and do, and a fun shop area outside the aquarium.



Lastly, we visited Lookout Mountain. Half in Georgia, half in Tennessee, we decided to follow a easy, short trail upstream on the Tennessee side. We got our exercise in, saw the beauty of Lookout Mountain, experienced the history there, and even practiced up on our rock skipping skills. Oh, and, got lost a few times thanks to yours truly!

We stayed over night in an AirBnB, a short walking distance from the city. While we didn’t stay in the nicest of areas, it was a beautiful town home. We ate at a restaurant called “House of Meats”, which offered locally sourced, organic food. A little pricey, but I ate a delicious steak.

Walking around the city, it was easy to see the history wrapped up in Chattanooga. It doesn’t appear to be thriving as it use to, but it seems to be on the come up. There a lot of millennials, new stores, and things to do. It is growing and I recommend staying a night to check out all that Chattanooga has to offer!

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