Colombia – May ’18

Medellín, Colombia – Bienvenido a mi Viaje

Medellin, the 2nd largest city in Colombia, belongs to the department (also known as a state) Antioquia. It is a beautiful, highly populated city with an interesting history. In 2001, it was infamously known as the Deadliest City in the World. Since then, Medellin has re-branded itself in a drastic way. Since then, it has successfully turned the enviornment around and is creating a positive image of the beautiful city to the world.


With the tempting views, infamous history, mouth-watering food and cheap travel, I had to say yes to an invitation to travel there.

Here’s Some of My Journey:

In May ’18, I traveled to Medellin, Colombia. I was excited for this trip because I wanted to explore a large, beautiful city and practice my Spanish with the locals. Colombia is widely known for having the “purest” Spanish.

I traveled with some friends who asked me to go with them and along the way, we made new friends and shared laughs.

We went to experience a country that most american’s viewed as “dangerous”. Most american’s naive, or even ignorant, memory of this country is Pablo Escobar. However, the reality is a much different setting.

Our new friend, Pablo, on the left along with my travel friends, Daniel and Sam


What we found was a country in the stage of re-branding. It was a very live city, with people everywhere, at all times. The driving was crazy, but it was surely an experience. Uber was illegal in Colombia, however, we still used them. While Uber was cheap and easy, it was a little sketchy to use. The transit police were very serious about finding out if the Americans were using Uber.

El Peñon de Guatape

One of the most exciting adventures we participated in was El Peñon de Guatape (The rock of Guatape). It has breathtaking views on the top of an approximate 750 step climb. Greats view and an even better workout! If you are ever in Medellin, this is worth the two-hour trip to Guatape to check out.

La Comida de Colombia

Two of my favorite things are: cheap food and tasty food. Luckily for me, Colombia had both! In the top left corner of the pictures is the typical plate of Medellin, Bandeja Paisa. It consists of an egg, plantain, avocado, beans, ground beef, sausage, and salad. It was quite tasty and I recommend it if you ever find yourself hungry in Colombia. The other pictures were some meals we had in different spots of the town. They were all delicious and at a great price. A travel tip: Always try the local beer. You never know what you’re missing!


Medellin, Colombia was one of my favorite places to travel to. It offers immense value if you are looking to plan a trip abroad. It is cheap, but offers immense quality. It has great food, friendly locals, and plenty of fun things to experience and try.

Enjoy more pictures – I’m off to plan my next trip! Thanks for reading, adios. 

















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