Who is Devin Beeler?

Picture of Devin

Hi there, I’m Devin. Welcome to my page where I talk all about myself.

I’ve studied at The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs) and The University of South Florida (Go Bulls). My interest revolve around Business, Investing, and History. Currently, I work with a Big Four Accounting Firm & I am a, soon to be official, CPA.

Away from the numbers, I am grateful for the loving family and great friends I surround myself with. I enjoy spending time with them, traveling, sports, and learning & teaching.

I built this site to share with the internet more about who Devin Beeler is. Throughout my website, you will find articles about my past adventures, plans for new ones, and articles written to share knowledge that has worked for me.

If you are looking to contact me, please visit my Linkedin.

Thank you for checking out the site, enjoy!

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